“If you’re in this House, then you’re here to Wake Up!” Hannah said. It was Sunday morning in Penthouse A. PHA was a bit smaller than PHC but with much…

January 2023

Stage 2, Chapter 2
Stage 2: Resolution
Tanisha answered the door in a towel. Penthouse C looked much different in the daylight. The exposed brick shimmered with the morning sun. Tanisha’s…
It was a new year. OneTaste had a New Year’s Day party for new Coaching Program students. It was at the same apartment that I had my exploratory session…

December 2022

I caught up with Roger and his date at a bar on Sixth Avenue. Roger’s date was gender studies major from Barnard, Columbia University’s all-women…
Stage 1, Chapter 5
Stage 1, Chapter 4
Stage 1, Chapter 3

November 2022

Stage 1, Chapter
Stage 1, Chapter 1