Hi, I’m Ruwan. This is my substack.

It contains a 3 things:

  1. My podcast: Ruwando Podcast: Psychology for Men with Brains and Balls

This is what most people know me for. All episodes are available (free) here and on Spotify, Apple, and wherever you listen to podcasts.

Subscribers can join the free livestreams of episodes and ask questions live.

  1. My memoir: Infinite Play: My Journey In the Cult of Orgasm

I was in a matriarchal cult for a couple of formative years. Maybe you’ve seen me in the recent Netflix doc. This is my serialized nonfiction narrative.

  1. My other podcast: History of Man: How Men Came to Be

I’m history nerd. This is my more academic project. You can also follow that separately here:

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Podcaster on history, masculinity, and how we perceive reality.