Jun 1, 2022 • 2HR 27M

II Chiefs to Kings: Solid State War in the Bronze Age

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How Men Came to Be. (The natural and cultural forces that have shaped masculinity.) Following a timeline from pre-humans, to Stone Age, to beyond.
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There was no such thing as “war” in the Stone Age.

Only through certain social advancements was war made possible by the early states.

This episode covers:

* History’s first war, first empire, and first fully centralized state.

* The art of “statecraft” as an extension of the dominance hierarchy.

* The fissure in male psychology as explained by Nietzsche’s Master and Slave Morality

* Why we can blame bread (and rice) for the suppression of masculinity

* How the Us vs. Them paradigm is constructed, and why it was necessary

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